So You Want To Publish Open Access?

The Open Access Initiative at Berkeley is hosting a public workshop titled So You Want to Publish Open Access? for Open Access Week. Some of the questions that will be answered include:

  • How to publish Open Access?
  • How to receive funding to publish Open Access?
  • How to publish research data?
  • How will you be affected by the new UC Open Access policy?
  • How do the rights to your publications work?

Speakers will include:

  • Prof. Pamela Samuelson- Berkeley Law School and School of Information
  • Prof. Randy Schekman- HHMI Investigator, Editor-in-Chief of eLife, Dept. of Mol. and Cell Biology
  • and more!

When: Monday, October 21st 5:00-6:30 pm (followed by a reception)
Where: 210 South Hall (2nd floor), UC Berkeley School of Information