Changes to Scanning & Printing in The Library

Scanning to a USB drive is now free. Scanning to print continues to cost 8c/page for b/w printing.

There are new printers in place in the Moffitt lobby and on levels B, C and D in Gardner stacks. A single print queue now allows you to send a b/w print job and then use any of the release stations in Doe, Moffitt, or Gardner Stacks to print.

On Moffitt’s third floor, there are now 30 new computers that feature both the Windows and Macintosh OSX operating systems as well as a full suite of office productivity and multimedia tools. These computers are only available to patrons with a valid CalNet ID. If you are a new student or new faculty member, you may need to synchronize your CalNet ID before your first use of the computers (

If you have questions about any of these changes, please contact me.