Nuevas referencias: retratos de nuevos autores hispanohablantes

Mercedes Cebrián "La nueva taxidermia" (Mondadori, 2011)

Patricia Figueroa at Brown University has recently launched a bilingual blog titled Nuevas referencias: retratos de nuevos autores hispanohablantes.  It’s dedicated to new published authors from Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America. Each entry consists of an interview with a featured author. The questions (the same set throughout) are designed to get librarians (and anyone else interested in emerging writers in the Spanish language) acquainted with the authors’ publications, their upcoming projects, their views on new technologies and libraries, and their recommendations for web-based literary resources devoted to new talent.

Interviews available to date include Ezio Neyra Magagna (Lima, 1980-), Antonio Jiménez Morato (Madrid, 1976-), Joserra Ortiz (San Luis Potosí, 1981-), Mercedes Cebrián (Madrid, 1971-), Carlos Yushimito (Lima, 1977-), Carlos Labbé (Santiago de Chile, 1977-), and Federico Falco (General Cabrera, 1977-).

SCP monthly update – March 2012

The Shared Cataloging Program (SCP), based at UC San Diego, provides catalog records for the UC campus libraries. SCP provides regular updates which we will now be posting on the Collection Services blog:

From SCP’s Adolfo Tarango

Our highest record distributions for serials in February were Open Access (201 titles), DragonSource (104 titles), Sage (46), Taylor & Francis (28), and LexisNexis (24 titles). The DragonSource distributions are the first for that package. This is a Chinese language Tier 2 resource for which titles are individually selected by the subscribing campuses’ bibliographers. DragonSource is a full-text database of popular Chinese-language magazines and journals published in China after 1997. The journals included cover a wide scope of subject areas: politics, economics, literature, arts, philosophy, history, society, popular science, military science, education, family, recreation, health, and fashion. Both text and audio versions are provided.

The primary monographic record distributions were for Springer (454 titles), ACM (385 titles), CRC Press (356 titles), Apabi (234 titles), Knovel (179 titles), IEEE (137 titles), CIAO (102 titles), Alexander Street Press (95 titles), and CalDocs (39 titles). Almost all the Alexander Street Press titles are for the collection Women and Social Movements in the United States, the first distribution for that collection. Items in this collection cover the span of years from 1600 to 2000.

SCP continues consulting with III and UCSD staff on transitioning to Unicode. At this point we appear to have the problems identified and a solution is in the works. We are hoping III will implement its solution soon. Once that is done, we will announce a new timetable for our transition which will include time for sending another test file.

Until next month …