OA Week 2011 @ UCB

Open Access Week is a global event promoting Open Access as the new norm in scholarship and research. The following workshop will be presented twice during Open Access Week.

Publish Smart, Maximize Impact

Do you have an article you want to publish? Are you trying to decide where to place it? This workshop will examine how journals are ranked for impact (including some of the controversies about ranking systems), and your rights as an author. Are you confused about copyright? Do you want to be able to post copies of your article on your own website? Do you know whether you’ll be able to? We will discuss Berkeley funding to support open access publishing, and the movement in academia to make information more accessible. Not only is open access a social good, it can also be good for you as an author!

Social Sciences & Humanities
Wednesday, October 26
4:00 – 5:00pm
251 Doe Library

The Sciences
Friday, October 28
12 noon – 1:00pm
Biosciences Library Seminar Room (Valley Life Sciences Building)

Students, researchers, faculty and the public are invited to attend.

Come early and get a free t-shirt! (a limited number of open access t-shirts will be distributed)

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