Field Guide for Innopac-to-Millennium Migration of Order and Check-in (aka Holdings) Records


Anyone who used Innopac in the pre-Millennium environment who may be interested to know where order and check-in data migrated into Millennium.



The Interim Holdings Transitional Task Force (IHTTF) has completed work on a guide which details where each fixed and variable field in Innopac order and check-in records migrated into Millennium order and holdings records.  The process of Innopac data migration began with the upgrade to Millennium in Fall 2008 and culminated in the data transfer from the old Innopac server to the OskiCat production server in Spring 2009.


The document, Innopac-to-Millennium Order and Holdings Record Field Migration, is available on AskTico under the “Cataloging” section.



This is an historical document detailing data migration decisions. Field names, uses, and contents listed here are accurate as of the OskiCat Technical Services go live day of June 3, 2009.