CatDept 101 Debuts

I am pleased to announce the debut of a new category for our blog titled: CatDept 101.  The goal of this series will be to demystify some of the terminology and workflows within the Catalog Department.  Our occasional posts will be mostly in two areas:


1)  CatDept Services and Terminology

e.g. Our three levels of cataloging; PromptCat; Analytics; Replacements; the Shared Cataloging Program, etc.


2)  The Function and Workflow of CatDept Units

e.g. What services are provided by each of our units; how materials flow through these units, etc.


Each blog posting will be relatively short and will strive to provide a useful overview of the topic being covered.  They are not a substitute for documentation or procedures. Together, they are meant to give the “big picture” of what the Catalog Department does in support of The Library.  For easy identification, each post will start with the phrase “CatDept 101.”


The CatDept 101 postings will have their own category on our blog, and past postings will be archived under that heading in the CatDept blog.  It’s our hope that these posts will provide a useful resource for new staff or as a refresher course for existing staff. 


Our thanks in advance to Armanda Barone who will be the principle author and editor of this series. 


If you have any suggestions for CatDept 101 topics, please send them to Armanda or add them as a comment on this blog post.


Best regards, Bernie Hurley (4/27/10)