Analytic Cataloging Procedures for Monographic Series

Revised procedures for cataloging analytics for monographic series are now available on AskTico under the “Cataloging” rubric.  An earlier version of these procedures were reviewed and approved by the Technical Services Council in October/November 2009. The current document has been reformatted and now stands alone as a single procedure (it has been separated from the procedures for analytics of multi-volume monographs).

Procedures for analytics of multi-volume monographs (MVMs) will be available within the next several weeks. Procedures for sets within sets and in-analytics are forthcoming, pending the work of an as yet un-convened Technical Services Council sub-committee.

Questions about using the monographic series analytics procedures may be directed to Kai Stoeckenius ( or Bob Talbott ( of the Catalog Department. 

Questions about specific problems with an analyzed title may be directed to the Catalog Department’s maintenance staff through the monograph and serial maintenance request form.