Bibliographic Field Use Changes in Millennium (Tier 1-3; Locally Added Uniform Title Data)

Procedural changes will need to be implemented, to support e-resource tier tracking, the retention of locally added data, and ongoing SCP monograph and serial loading on an ongoing basis, as discussed in Technical Services Council on 2/16/10.

Acquisitions and cataloging units (including self-cataloging units and Affiliated Libraries) will need to update their procedures with the information found in the “Bibliographic Field Use Changes in Millennium”  document, which is now on AskTico.

Use of these fields defined in this document need to be in place in your unit on or before (but no later than) Monday, March 1, 2010. On this date, the System Office will begin loading the SCP Monograph Recon files into Millennium.

Not following these procedures may result in the loss of bibliographic data.

This document applies to you, if you:

  • Catalog and maintain tier 1-3 materials
  • Add locally devised uniform titles.
  • Edit bibliographic data.
  • Are acquisitions staff who review bibliographic data for tier 1-3 data.
  • Or, otherwise work with tier 1-3 materials.

Questions? Please contact Dana Jemison <>

Best, Bernie