Communication Priorities

Priority 1: Facilitate ongoing and open communications with users of Catalog Department services to ensure we understand their high-priority needs

The Director of Cataloging and his management colleagues encourage questions and comments from library staff. We especially encourage library committees to discuss with us Catalog Dept. priorities and how they relate to the high priority needs of the library staff they represent.

Priority 2: Establish targeted communication methodologies to disseminate cataloging policy, priorities and procedural changes to library staff and administration

Announcing changes to Catalog Dept policies and procedures on our website is an important step in our communications strategy. We have also implemented a more proactive service that will “push” announcements to library staff through a Catalog Department blog. Our blog posting will be short and often include information such as the posting’s title, a short but descriptive summary of the change and the audience that will be most effected by the change. Library staff will be able to provide input on a post by using the comment feature. We strongly encourage management and technical service staff throughout the Library to subscribe to this blog. The Catalog Department will continue to send announcements that have broad and significant impact on library operations to appropriate email lists (e.g., allusers, selectors, Round Table, Technical Services Council, BTECH, etc.)