After you leave UCB … How to access journals, databases, and more!

After you leave UCB with your Public Health degree …

… How will you access online journals?
… Can you still search for articles using online databases?
… How will you keep track of citations you find?
… How do you find good sources of public health data and statistics?
… Do you know where to take free online public health classes?
… How do you collaborate with others?

4/27/2011 UPDATE: A web guide has been created on this topic:

For the answers to questions and more,
please come to the Public Health Library’s one hour session, After You Graduate: How to access online journals, databases, and more.

Date/Time: Thursday April 21, 3-4 pm

Room: 440 University Hall (Conference Room)

No RSVP needed

A librarian from the Public Health Library will show you that leaving UCB does not mean an end to accessing databases and online journals. You will learn about several free sources of citations and articles, as well as "grey" literature, and statistics/data. You will also hear about special programs for online journal access for folks working in developing countries. Also discussed will be citation management software, productivity software, continuing education, how to keep up-to-date in your field, and more.