Roundtable: Migrating Mexico: A material history of remittance space in Sur de Jalisco, Mexico and California, USA

April 15th, Faculty Club

Led by Sarah Lopez, Bancroft Study Award recipient, Ph.D. candidate in Architecture at UC Berkeley

For almost a century, Mexican migrants have been sending money from one locality to another to sustain the livelihood of family members in Mexico and to build houses, roads, orphanages and schools in their hometowns. This talk outlines a historical genealogy of remittances between Jalisco, Mexico and California, USA in an attempt to understand how American dollars have impacted the material, social and cultural landscapes of Jalisco.

Few topics are as politically contentious as those involving the flow of people, goods and money back and forth across the southern border of the United States.  Please come and join us at this exploratory historical case study of the impact of such interaction on two specific places. This research makes use of the many collections at Bancroft (such as the Paul S. Taylor and Manuel Gamio) which document migrant labor.  Bancroft Round Tables aim to showcase the relevance of our collections to the study of contemporary society.