Earthquakes: Information for Public Health Responders

Many public health workers – professionals, students, and others – have responded to the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. The National Library of Medicine’s Disaster Information Management Research Center makes available free resources to these responders. Information available includes:

  • Free Resources from Publishers (including Cochrane, DynaMed, and GIDEON)
  • Evacuation
  • Traumatic Injuries and Treatment
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation
  • Stress and Coping Issues
  • Multi-language Resources
  • People Locators

and much more.

Resources for Haiti |  Resources for Chile

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The Disaster Information Management Research Center is part of NLM’s Specialized Information Services Division.

Digital Library Collection Plan – Update

The Digital Library Collections Plan Task Force delivered their report to Chuck in August 2009.

Since that time Chuck has hosted and encouraged widespread discussion (at a Collections Early Bird for library staff and members of the Academic Senate Committee on Libraries, ADMIN, Collections Council, Collection Budget Group and Subject Councils) and gotten feedback both on content and on priority. The original report and responding documents from two subject groups can be found under Working Groups on the staff-side Collections Development website. 

The report has 97 (!) recommended action items. Task Force Chair Jean McKenzie, Chuck Eckman and Gail Ford are working as a mini-team to organize implementation.

Charges for small and larger groups are in the works to cover ~15 of these action items.

Look for specifics here, as charges are finalized.

Lots of you will be asked to help think through the next stages of how best to balance and integrate our print and digital resources. Thanks in advance for time you spend on this!