Online exhibit: Mapping Nordic Literary Culture

The virtual exhibit “Orient North: Mapping Nordic Literary Culture” presents three projects intended as demonstrations of theoretical and conceptual possibilities that arise when a scholar connects literary history and production to a detailed visual representation of place and time. Each project engages a geographic element in a slightly different manner.

Sections of the exhibit are:

  • “Sites of (re)Collection: Mapping Danish Folklore”
  • “Ibsen Elsewhere: Mapping Ibsen’s Productivity”
  • “Mapping Manuscripts: Sites of Manuscript Production in Medieval Iceland”

“Orient North” is part of a larger three-year project entitled “Mapping Nordic Literary Cultures,” funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project is a joint research effort of researchers at UCLA (Prof. Timothy R. Tangherlini), UC Berkeley (Prof. Mark Sandberg), and Brigham Young University (Prof. Steven A. Sondrup).