Freedom Fries? Freedom Authors?: New Titles in Graduate Services for November

From A to Z, that is from Arendt to Zizek, a slew of new and classic titles arrived in Graduate Services in November. We are talking about books by writers, like Arendt and Zizek, that need no first name introductions: Derrida, Deleuze, Foucault, Kristeva, Moliere. You get the idea. And these books are filled with them–ideas that is. Besides the French holding down the fort, we got Hemingway’s reconstructed/restored memoir about his days in Paris as back up. Reconstructed you say…and restored? You got A.E. Hotchner(Hemingway’s friend and biographer)’s take here–reconstructed (bowdlerized). And Sean Hemingway’s take here (restored and keeping the world safe for grandma). But why not just come here and spend a few hours revisiting a book from an American great in order to make up your own mind. Just in case you get too machoed out in the reading though–Hemingway can do that to the best of us–we got this to help you recalibrate. Enjoy.


A death in the family

A Death in the Family: A Restoration of the Author’s Text edited by Michael A. Lofaro. Volume 1 in The Works of James Agee

Hannah Arendt

The Life of the Mind by Hannah Arendt


Republics and Kingdoms Compared by Aurelio Lippo Brandolini translated by James Hankins

Peter Burke

Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe (3rd revised edition) by Peter Burke


Kant’s Critical Philosophy: The Doctrines of the Faculties by Gilles Deleuze


Derrida and the Time of the Political edited by Pheng Cheah and Suzanne Guerlac


Sister Carrie (The Pennsylvania Edition) by Theodore Dreiser


Lawrence Ferlinghetti Sits Down With Soheyl Dahi: Interview May 21, 2003 with Six New Poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti


The Birth of Biopolitics: Lectures at the College de France, 1978-79 by Michel Foucault


Psychiatric Power: Lectures at the College de France, 1973-74 by Michel Foucault


Modernism: The Lure of Heresy From Baudelaire to Beckett and Beyond by Peter Gay


A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition by Ernest Hemingway edited by Sean Hemingway


Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection by Julia Kristeva


The School for Husbands and The Imaginary Cuckold by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere translated by Richard Wilbur


Visual Culture Studies: Interviews with Key Thinkers by Marquard Smith


Telling Chinese History: A Selection of Essays by Frederic E. Wakeman Jr.


The Essential Zizek: The Sublime Object of Ideology (New Edition) by Slavoj Zizek


The Essential Zizek: The Ticklish Subject: The Absent Centre of Political Ontology (New Edition) by Slavoj Zizek