Using the 24-hour study hall

Did you know the Gardner (Main) Stacks was voted the “Best Place to Study” and “Best Wireless” in the 2008 Best of Berkeley poll? We welcome all Cal students to the 24-hour study hall in the Stacks and the Moffitt Library.

Since you may be here a lot this week, here’s a friendly reminder of the rules…

Only food for thought allowed inside.
No food or drink is allowed past the security desks.

Help us keep out rodents and insects and prevent damage to books and furniture, by keeping food and drink out of the library. What is so bad about food and drink in the Library?

Library staff will confiscate any food and drink found, or escort people to the Library exits to consume those unmentionables outside. We recommend taking a break in the Free Speech Movement Café.

A little less conversation, please.
Take all cell phone conversations to the main lobby of either Doe Library or Moffitt Library.

People study in nooks throughout the Library and your conversations can be distracting. We have 17 group study rooms which you can reserve from the Doe Circulation Desk or online, plus several group tables near the entrance of Doe Library if you wish to collaborate.

Protect your belongings;
they can’t protect themselves.

Watch your belongings and take them with you when you leave even for a short break.

The last thing you need is to have something valuable stolen while studying. Thieves can be quick. It’s a good idea to stretch every so often and be sure to take your belongings with you when you do.

Thanks, Cal students, for working with us to keep the Library a safe, clean, and comfortable place.