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"The other day, Dr. Charles B. Faulhaber, director of the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, had an urge to hear the sonorous Chilean accent of the author Isabel Allende. So he went to the third-floor reading room and jacked headphones into a computer, and Allende’s voice came through the wire – from an interview at City Arts & Lectures 20 years ago.

Faulhaber, a professor of Spanish literature, could just as easily have phoned the author at her home in Marin County. You might not have Allende’s number, but you can go to the Bancroft and hear the interview along with more than 1,000 other City Arts & Lectures programs to be posted by the end of November." – Sam Whiting, Chronicle Staff Writer

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Roundtable: Disrupting the Status Quo: The Story of Dr. Sidney Garfield

November 19th, Faculty Club
12:00 noon

Led by Tom Debley

The final Bancroft Round Table of the Fall Semester will take place on Thursday, November 19, at noon in the Lewis-Latimer Room of the Faculty Club. Tom Debley, author of The Story of Dr. Sidney R. Garfield: The Visionary Who Turned Sick Care into Health Care (The Permanente Press, 2009) and Director of Heritage Resources at Kaiser Permanente will present a talk entitled " Disrupting the Status Quo: The Story of Dr. Sidney Garfield."

The innovations of Dr. Sidney Garfield, physician co-founder of Kaiser Permanente, have been raising the eyebrows, (and sometimes the hair) of traditionalists since the 1930s. Less known than co-founder, Henry J. Kaiser, this son of Russian immigrants became a major leader of twentieth-century American medicine. The Henry J. Kaiser Papers and related collections at The Bancroft Library enriched the preparation of this first-ever biography of Sidney Garfield.

Bancroft’s enormous collections of Kaiser Manuscripts offer windows for insights into many dimensions of modern history. They are among our most heavily used of our collections. Discussion of innovative methods of health care could not be timelier. We invite the campus community to join us for this look at the origins of a health care system that remains central to California’s health care today. Bancroft Round Tables aim to showcase the varied resources of The Bancroft Library.

A to Z Maps Online

A to Z Maps Online site

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has subscribed to a new map and GIS data database, AtoZMapsOnline. This new resource provides over 146,000 digital maps and supplemental material and is available for use on any campus computer or via the library proxy server.

AtoZMapsOnline’s diverse holdings make it a valuable resource for students of all disciplines. The database includes outline maps, political maps, physical maps, thematic maps, climate change maps, environment maps, historic maps, hurricane maps, earthquake maps, volcano maps, fire maps, animal and plant species distribution maps, current event maps, geology maps, topographic maps, and weather maps. These maps are presented in pdf files which are easily incorporated into presentations, papers, or easily translated into vector lines using graphics software.

Users can download and use the tens of thousands of maps with few limitations. This includes use for print and electronic reports, so long as the maps are not resold. AtoZMapsOnline can be found either via the Electronic Resources Finder, or as a featured site on the Earth Sciences and Map Library homepage.

Plan ahead for a research prize

Have a great research project from this past summer, or something great in mind for fall or spring of this academic year? Submit it for a chance to win up to $1,000!

The Library Prize for Undergraduate Research rewards excellence in undergraduate research projects that use library resources and demonstrate sophisticated library research skills on the part of undergraduate researchers.

Submissions will be accepted from December 10, 2009 through April 19, 2010.

Questions? Visit the Library Prize website.