Export to BibTeX in Web of Science

Web of Science users can now directly export their citations into BibTeX, a bibliographic management tool.

To use this function, select the citations you'd like to save and scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the "Output Records" section, go to Step 3 and select the "Save to BibTeX" option.

Direct exporting into other bibliographic management tools including EndNote, Reference Manager, and ProCite is also available in Web of Science. More information on BibTeX can be found at BibTeX.org.

Report on Publishing at UC

April 2008: Based on travels to all ten UC campuses and interviews with more than 100 faculty members and administrators, a new report Publishing Needs and Opportunities at the University of California "examines current publishing activities within the UC system" in and environment that is "under pressure from a number of forces, including the escalating cost of scientific journals, cutbacks in monograph publication on the part of many publishers, and opportunities for new kinds of publishing created by digital technologies."

The report recommends a number of steps for the University of California including the establishment of a university publishing program and a systemwide discussion of traditional notions of peer review as it relates to nontraditional publishing. The report was co-authored by Catherine Candee, Director of Publishing and Strategic Initiative, California Digital Library and Lynne Withey, Director of the University of California Press.

Read coverage in the Chronicle of Higher Education (4/4/08) (UC access only).