Trial subscription to GeoScience World

GeoScience World banner

Beginning February 28, 2008, the Library has a 30 day trial subscription to GeoScience World, an online subscription database that is, "a comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the geosciences, built on a core database aggregation of peer-reviewed journals indexed, linked, and inter-operable with GeoRef."

GeoScience World (GSW) currently indexes and makes available online 36 journals with titles that include: American Mineralogist, Environmental Geosciences, Journal of Paleontology, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, and the Seismological Society of America Journals (BSSA and Seismological Research Letters).

From the organization's site: "GSW is a not-for-profit, formed by a group of geoscientific organizations in 2004 with the sole purpose of making geoscience research and information easily available to the scientific community and the public in an online digital format which facilitates education and future research. In total, these organizations represent over 100,000 geoscientists engaged in basic and applied research and education in the geosciences."

This 30 day, campus-wide trial is intended to be evaluated for possible purchase by the Library. Any feedback regarding the database, especially its value and usefulness, is appreciated. Please send comments or feedback to Fatemah Van Buren, use the library comment form, or leave a comment here on the blog. Your participation in this evaluation is much appreciated!

*This trial is limited to UC Berkeley IP addresses and proxy users only*