Keepsake 52: Personal Memoranda

Personal Memoranda: Samuel Hopkins Willey: The Journal of His Voyage to California, 1848-1849
By Samuel Hopkins Willey
Edited by James M. Spitze

Personal Memoranda

In mid November of 1848, a 27-year-old Congregational Minister was "informed" by the American Board for Home Missions that he had been called to California and was to board a steamer leaving from New York City on December 1st. Less than three months later, on February 23, 1849, the Rev. Dr. Samuel Hopkins Willey stepped ashore in Monterey from the steamer California. From that moment till his death sixty-five years later, Sam Willey was a leading force in the founding of our state's educational structure. The institutions that he helped to found include today's San Francisco Public School System, Mills College, The Hamlin School, and — certainly his supreme achievement — The University of California.

For over a hundred years, the Bancroft Library has possessed both his on-the-spot diary of the voyage on the steamer California and a much longer recollection (written in 1877) of his entire trip to California — first on the steamer Fulton, then on canoe and mule-back across the Isthmus of Panama, and then via the steamer California up the coast to Monterey. The recollection ends with a wonderful description of his first several months in Monterey, mentioning the many now famous people he worked with — Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, William Tecumseh Sherman, and thirty or so more.

Our Friends Keepsake 52 publishes for the first time these two fascinating documents along with an extensive introduction and numerous period illustrations — all from the Bancroft Library's collections. Surely, our Keepsake is a long overdue tribute to Cal's long-forgotten founder.

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UC Provost: Support for the NIH Policy

On behalf of the University of California, UC Provost Wyatt R. Hume sent a letter to California Senators Feinstein and Boxer (PDF) expressing support for the NIH policy on public access. Writes Provost Hume: "The provision maximizes research impact and dissemination of new knowledge…."

In the letter, Provost Hume also echoes sentiments of a recent open letter of 26 Nobel laureates urging Congress to enact this "enlightened policy to ensure that the results of research conducted by the NIH can be more readily accessed, shared and built upon to maximize the return on our collective investment in science and to further the public good."

Promise of Value-based Journal Prices and Negotiation

Promise of Value-based Journal Prices and Negotiation: A UC Report and View Forward (PDF)

The UC libraries released a report describing their work on "value-based" prices for scholarly journals. Authored by a task force of the ten-campus library system's Collection Development Committee, the value-based pricing report reflects the UC libraries' collective strategic priority to advance scholarly communication systems that are economically balanced and sustainable. The report details UC's rationale for value-based journal prices and provides models of prices for scholarly materials that are reasonable, transparent, and based upon the value of the material to the academic mission of the University of California.

Press Release (PDF)