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The 'Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics' or SCOAP3, is a global network of high energy physics funding agencies, research laboratories and libraries. The aim of SCOAP3 is to assist publishers to convert the 'core' HEP journals to open access. You can read the details in the SCOAP3 report, "Towards Open Access Publishing in High Energy Physics"

This initiative, which originated in Europe, is being closely watched by a number of US research laboratories and university libraries. The UC Berkeley Library has been following the development and growth of SCOAP3 with great interest and is supportive of the SCOAP3 initiative.

A recent article by Jens Vigen, Librarian at CERN, "Open Access:particle physicists push for publishing changes" describes SCOAP3, its progress so far and where it aims to go.