Working Group on Reporting of ARL and UCOP Statistics

After ADMIN review and approval, a working group has been established to “investigate how we might streamline, routinize and automate our data collection processes for specific reporting purposes required by ARL and UCOP. This review will focus on how to provide collections-related item counts and usages statistics…”

The group includes:  Justin Clarke, Business Services; Jim Gordon, Acquisitions; Dana Jemison, Licensing; Ty Johnson, Business Services; Nga Ong, Acquisitions; and Jesse Silva,Doe/Moffitt. Gail Ford, Collections Office will chair the group.

The group will be consulting with those who are asked to submit statistics to Ty annually, and will be exploring what Millennium functions/reports can be utilized to simplify the process.

If you have ideas/concerns about annual statistics for ARL/UCOP reporting, please send them to Gail (gford at

Target for recommendations: June 1.