Share your experience with the GALC!

The Graphic Arts Loan Collection (GALC) at the Morrison Library was created in 1958 by Professor Herwin Schaefer, who believed the best way to foster an appreciation of art was for students to live with actual art. With that in mind, we would love to hear about your experience living with your GALC piece.

Mark Daniells’ Garden Island III & Stream of Dreams & Lisa Horner’s Muir Beach Overlook

Garden Island III Stream of Dreams Muir Beach Overlook

By Monique

The vibrant tropical, very large Mark Daniels prints brought joy and beauty to our home. The beautifully framed prints were also a conversation piece as I enjoyed letting guests know that I borrowed it from my school library. We had a different one each academic year. One year we had a Lisa Horner vivid linocut of Muir Beach Overlook, a Bay Area nature treasure. I finally asked my husband to take a look at the collection and paired the Daniels print with an intriguing geometrical abstract.

Joy and beauty and all from the library! Can’t wait for Fall to pick out our art for the year.  Thank you Morrison Library Graphic Arts Loan Collection!

Auguste Lepere’s Storm on the Sand Dune & Herlinde Spahr’s Aeneid 7/12

Storm on the Sand Dune Aeneid 7/12

By Anonymous

Among my favorite aspects of living with the prints from the GALC was being able to
look up at them while reading or studying. They offered a continuous point
of reference for my thinking–that is, as an aesthetic pattern that helped
to center my thoughts. Having them over the course of a year also led me to
reflect on why I had chosen these particular prints at the beginning of the
year–it helped me to think about my own personal changes over the course of
two semesters–which in turn changed my perception of the art. All in all,
it was an incredible experience, and I’m very grateful for the GALC! I’ll
definitely be borrowing art again next year.

William J. Faber’s Abstraction


By Anonymous

I really enjoyed it, and I am so glad I came to the workshop at the beginning of the semester. I only checked out one piece, but I loved how it added something more to my space without reminding me of other things – it simply just *was*. I definitely plan to check out another piece next year… Thank you so much!

Artemio Rodriguez’s Sinfonia Para Los Dioses & Yolanda M. Lopez’s Tribute to Dolores Huerta

Sinfonia Para Los Dioses Tribute to Dolores Huerta (Homenaje a Dolores Huerta)

By Jessie Rosales

It was my first time using the GALC loan program. It was a good experience. I reviewed aimlessly through the available art pieces. However, I stumbled across two art pieces from Latinx artists. I decided to rent them out and place them in my barebones office. Unfortunately, I found out about the program a bit late, so the art pieces were only in my office for less than a month – but they did bring a lot of character and fullness to my office.

Ryoko Tajiri’s Figure I & Theo Wujcik’s James Rosenquist

Figure I James Rosenquist

By Anonymous

I am a Berkeley staff member and first learned about the GALC through enthusiastic co-workers who had just chosen and hung their prints for the year. Because my work is based at an institute focused on robotics and automation, I sought out two prints that were deeply humanistic in both subject and medium. Both were portraits of human (or humanoid) figures looking contemplative about their roles and places in the world. In contrast to the uniformity of mass-produced art prints from the home decor store, these pieces also stood out because a human hand was so evident in their creation…from delicate and irregular pencil strokes to the hand-cut paper canvas.

After participating for one year, my conclusion is that the GALC is the coolest program on campus! I’ve told dozens of colleagues around the world about it. They were shocked that the University allows this intimate and democratic engagement with fine art. Bringing art and the artists’s stories into our office spaces helps to elevate the professional environment — in ways that reflect the thought-provoking work we all do on behalf of the University. Thank you for providing this very special program.