Workshop Reminder — Copyright and Your Dissertation on September 27, 2023

A presentation slide with green background, library logo, and text about the event that reads: "Copyright (+ other Laws & Policies) & Your Dissertation; UC Berkeley Library; Office of Scholarly Communication Services; September 27, 2023"

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 11:00am–12:30pm
Location: Hybrid: Join in person at 223 Doe Library, or on Zoom. Register via LibCal.

This workshop will provide you with practical guidance for navigating copyright questions and other legal considerations for your dissertation or thesis. Whether you’re just starting to write or you’re getting ready to file, you can use our tips and workflow to figure out what you can use, what rights you have as an author, and what it means to share your dissertation online.

Some questions we’ll answer during the workshop include:

  • What’s mine after I’m done writing my dissertation?
  • Can I re-use previous scholarly articles I’ve written?
  • Can I use content created by others? How?
  • Where does my dissertation end up online? When?

Join us!