This week in Summer Reading

Book cover for Fight Like Hell

Fight Like Hell: The Untold History of American Labor
Kim Kelly

Kelly came to national attention for rewriting rules when she shattered common expectations for Teen Vogue with her hard-hitting labor reporting. In Fight Like Hell, she offers a celebratory yet critical history of American labor movements and activists who rewrote the rules of work in America. It is an accessible survey of labor history that honors the positive efforts of the past while outlining how bias and prejudice have hampered American labor activism from its earliest origins to the movements of today. Fight Like Hell provides a great foundation for understanding Berkeley’s and the Bay Area’s history of activism.

Head, Arts & Humanities Division
Doe Memorial Library


Book cover for The Terraformers

The Terraformers
Annalee Newitz

It’s thousands of years in the future in this novel by Annalee Newitz, and humanity has completely rewritten the rules of what it means to be sentient. We find ourselves on a planet that is owned by a corporation and yet being terraformed with humility and understanding of the intelligence of all life. This novel explores bio- and geoengineering, gender, evolution, capitalism, and more, with an uplifting tone and creative approach that makes us question pretty much everything about what it means to live a meaningful life.

Continuing Lecturer
Haas School of Business