Summer reading: An Unnecessary Woman

Book cover for An Unecessary WomanAn Unnecessary Woman
Rabih Alameddin

In An Unnecessary Woman, Rabih Alameddine connects the reader with an isolated, brilliant, unconventional woman living in Beirut. Her life is peopled with the characters of her beloved books, and each year — for her own pleasure — she translates one of them into Arabic. An Unnecessary Woman transports the reader to Lebanon, through great works of literature, and into the life and mind of a remarkable woman. And, as Rabih Alameddine states, the novel questions how we balance an inner life with an outer life — and how important is each?

Head, Social Sciences Division
Social Welfare Librarian & Interim African Studies Librarian

This book is part of the 2020 Berkeley Summer Reading List. Stay tuned for more weekly posts!