Mittel und Süd Amerika : Conny Pünnebergs abenteuerliche Reise (Central and South America: Conny Pünneberg’s adventurous journey).

Recently, my colleague Dr. Jeremy Ott brought to my office a copy of a very interesting post-war German book with a rather interesting title- Mittel und Süd Amerika: Conny Pünnebergs abenteuerliche Reise.

I was rather intrigued not so much by the title of the book that can be translated as Conny Pünneberg’s adventurous journey in Central and South America, but by the sheer number of stereotypical plates that gave this book an interesting character. I was able to scan some of these pages for the readers to have an idea of a 1952 German ingenuity by which several different facets of life in Central and South America are depicted. I found out that this specific book is not held in any US libraries at the time of writing this post. I am including some of the photos below that one can enjoy. The book was published in Hamburg in 1952 and it depicts the travels of Conny Pünneberg.