Guatemala: Select New books at Doe Library

This week, Guatemala’s newly elected deputies will be taking their oath of office so that they can minister the affairs of the Guatemalan state. While, the memories of the overthrow of the legitimately elected president Jacobo Arbenz, and the following era of military administrations and the bloody civil war are fresh, the new beginnings always seem to have an allure of a promise.  Whether the promise gets fulfilled or not will be another matter. Nevertheless, as a librarian, I continue to purchase books from Guatemala for our inquisitive student body! Below I leave you with some images of newly acquired Guatemalan books that will I believe serve as an inspiration for your well-rounded preparation at one of the greatest universities on our planet- the University of California!

One notable important book that we have purchased is RACISMO, GENOCIDIO Y MEMORIA by Casaús Arzú, Marta Elena.

Her book presentation/ discussion can be watched below.



Please click on the icon below to enjoy some photos of bilingual as well as Spanish language publications from Guatemala.