Literature in Celebration of Native American Heritage Month

by Pooja Bale

November is National Native American Heritage Month, a time to cherish the Native American culture that has so heavily influenced the contemporary American way of life. Native American literature in particular is rich with the voices and perspectives of Native Americans and their traditions, struggles, and triumphs woven into poetry, works of fiction, and memoirs. Visit the Native American Heritage Month website for more information.

Check out these selections to dip your toes into the vast world of Native American literature!

Take a look at these recent works that have quickly gained popularity:

Sift through poetry on Native American experiences with these releases:

Settle back into classics known and loved:

We also recommend inquiring into the Bancroft Library’s extensive collection of essential Native American materials.

Want to recommend a favorite of yours? Let us know on Twitter at @doe_lit! We hope you enjoy these books and explore the rest of the Library’s Native American literature collection.