New Cartonera Books from Mexico at Doe Library.

Cartonera books collection at UC Berkeley’s Doe Library continues to grow since our initial humble beginnings two years ago. Since them, we have acquired over 250 Cartonera books from the different parts of Latin America.  Cartonera is a term used to describe books that have their cover made from cardboard boxes. Usually, these are painted or illustrated. These can be searched in our library’s Oskicat using the following keyword search:

Latin American cartonera collection.

Today, I present you with select photos of our newly purchased Cartonera books from Mexico. This batch is interesting because it contains various items linked to the events of 1968. The cartonera books revolve around some themes as what was read during 1968 events, what fashion was trendy during the year, etc. Besides, these books we did purchase the first 12 issues of Puff. Puff is a magazine in Cartonera format.

Below, I present you an album with the images of the new Cartonera items from Mexico. Please click on the icon to access the whole album. The title below is 1968 Testimonios by Cascarón Artesanal editorial.