Summer Reading Series: LGBT+ Literature

summer reading lgbt literature cover pic

by Taylor Follett

June is Pride month! June 28, 2019 marks 50 years since the famous Stonewall Riot, one of the starting points for the gay liberation movement. Whether or not you’re attending a Pride parade or any other Pride month event, Pride month means that it’s time to make sure your reading list includes LGBT+ literature, and the library is here to help!

Kick it off with these novels that feature LGBT+ characters:

After enjoying prose, turn to these LGBT+ poets for some verse:

Learn about LGBT+ history and present-day LGBT+ experience with these nonfiction works:

Once you’ve made it bast the basic poetry/prose/non-fiction divide, there are several avenues into¬†a more in-depth survey of recent works in LGBT+ literature. Here are some of our favorites!

Explore trans* themes and characters in these works:

The genre with a lot of LGBT+ representation right now? Young adult fiction:

This list has focused mostly on current literature, but there have of course been LGBT+ people all throughout history, as these historical fiction novels depict:

We hope you enjoy these books! Looking for some LGBT+ literature that we don’t have in the library? You can request that we order it.

Happy Pride and happy reading!