Summer Reading Series: Fantasy Novels

fantasy novels summer reading

by Taylor Follett

It’s a week of endings for many of us. The 2018/2019 school year is over, over 5000 students graduated on Saturday, and we finally know who sits on the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones has been a major part of popular culture for eight years—or twenty-two for book readers—and as of last night, it’s over. For those of us who have gotten used to epic battles, dragons, witches, and intricate fantasy plots, it’s a jarring return to reality.

Whether you’re mourning the end of this fantasy (TV) series, waiting for George R.R. Martin to finally release the next novel, thankful that people will finally stop talking about a show you don’t follow, or just want to escape your reality, the library has fantasy novels to fit the bill. 

Looking for the next fantasy series to get into, but don’t want to deal with the wait between books? These series are all finished:

Game of Thrones appealed to many because, unlike some series, it explored the more sinister aspects of human nature instead of defaulting to one completely evil enemy the entire time. These books also take up darker themes in fantasy settings, and Who Fears Death has even been optioned for HBO, with none other than George R.R. Martin himself as the executive producer:

Sick of medieval fantasy? Curious as to how technology would interact with magic, or what fantasy looks like in the middle of a city? Try moving a little closer to present day, with these excellent urban fantasy options:

Or, if historical fantasy is your thing, travel to 18th-century Cairo, 1743 Scotland, or colonial Malaysia with these picks:

One of the best parts about Game of Thrones was all of the complex, interesting women. Check out these novels written by and about women:

Finally, if Game of Thrones was your first foray into fantasy, try returning to these excellent adult and young adult fantasy classics:

We at the library wish you happy reading, a happy summer, and good fortune in the fantasy series to come.