Puerto Rico: Select new books @ Doe Library

The resilience of the PR’s people, its determination to move forward and onwards despite devastating hurricanes continues to serve as a source of unending inspiration for me as a librarian. Today, I present you with an album of several new Puerto Rican books that we have received in our library. Among them, there are several books that are worth mentioning separately. I will only name a few new titles and provide you with the links to the album of many more images of books from Puerto Rico. One of these titles is Hurracanada by Mayra Santos Febres. The other two books are Beatriz Llenín Figueroa’sPuerto Islas : crónicas, crisis, amor, and El Grupo de Puerto Rico y Crisis Dominicana de 1965 by Walter R. Bonilla Carlo. Please click on the icons below to gain acces to the photos of the Puerto Rican books.

Hurracanada of Mayra Santos Febres