Ryoko Tajiri’s Figure I & Theo Wujcik’s James Rosenquist

Figure I James Rosenquist

By Anonymous

I am a Berkeley staff member and first learned about the GALC through enthusiastic co-workers who had just chosen and hung their prints for the year. Because my work is based at an institute focused on robotics and automation, I sought out two prints that were deeply humanistic in both subject and medium. Both were portraits of human (or humanoid) figures looking contemplative about their roles and places in the world. In contrast to the uniformity of mass-produced art prints from the home decor store, these pieces also stood out because a human hand was so evident in their creation…from delicate and irregular pencil strokes to the hand-cut paper canvas.

After participating for one year, my conclusion is that the GALC is the coolest program on campus! I’ve told dozens of colleagues around the world about it. They were shocked that the University allows this intimate and democratic engagement with fine art. Bringing art and the artists’s stories into our office spaces helps to elevate the professional environment — in ways that reflect the thought-provoking work we all do on behalf of the University. Thank you for providing this very special program.