Books from the Letterpress-Taller Gráfica de Comala de Nacho Gómez Arriola (México) at UCB Library!

The library was lucky to acquire only the select titles of a wonderful and well-known letterpress artist and printer Nacho Gómez Arriola from Mexico. These titles are unique and handmade at a letterpress called, “Taller Gráfica de Comala de Nacho Gómez Arriola.” One can see Nacho Gómez Arriola (on the left) sitting next to Juan Pascoe of Taller Martín Pescador. At the Bancroft Library, we do have a collection of Juan Pascoe’s works. Since each of these books are unique in their esthetics and provenance, the Doe Library will be offering these for safekeeping to our sister library-Bancroft Library. Below are some of the pictures of these books that one can enjoy by clicking here!