Select new books from Argentina-December 2019! Happy Holidays!

Readers, We do have a collaborative collection development agreement in the field of Latin American Studies with our counterparts at Stanford University Library. Argentine books- given our existing teaching were was deemed to be of importance for the past 40 years of Latin American Studies related collection development activities. One of the pioneers of Hispanic Collection development initiatives at UC Berkeley was a Hungarian emigre to Argentina- Gaston Somoshegyi-Szokol, Berkeley’s Librarian for Hispanic Collections from 1964 through 1984. The Argentine collection at UC Berkeley Library continues to develop as previously. For some religious people, today is an important holiday- Christmas eve. I present you with an album of our recent Argentine purchases. I wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. There are once again several interesting books in this album. Please click on the icon below to get access to all of the photos that are in this album.