New books from the resilient Puerto Rico! Viva la Isla!

We all remember the disaster in the name of the hurricane Maria that stuck our own Puerto Rico and how its population survived the destruction and doom. Despite the desolation, the spirit of la Isla keeps on going on through its cultural production. The cultural production that Puerto Rico continues to produce despite the infrastructure that is getting resurrected slowly is ultimately inspiring. Today, I present you with the several new books that we just received from Puerto Rico. The diversity of high-quality publications that Puerto Rico produces will become self-evident once you start browsing the album below.

There are several books on history, literature, folklore, and LGBTQ issues. Until I am entrusted with this current job, I promise to build an excellent collection of Puerto Rican publications on the West Coast!

Feeling inspired by the resilience and the spirit of Puerto Rican culture is very much needed in our lives!  Please click on the icon below to access the rest of the photos!