New cartonera books from Brazil (O COLETIVO DULCINÉIA CATADORA)

We recently received an interesting batch of Cartonera books that were published and made in Brazil. These came from a publisher called “O coletivo Dulcinéia Catadora”. Its self-description is as follows, “The collective Dulcinéia Catadora was started in 2007 after two months of collaborative work by Lúcia Rosa and Peterson Emboava with members of Eloísa Cartonera during the 27th São Paulo Biennial. Currently, it operates within a cooperative of recyclable materials in São Paulo, Brazil and counts on the active participation of Andreia Emboava, Maria Dias da Costa, Eminéia dos Santos and Agata Emboava who work daily in recycling. Lúcia Rosa edits books of poetry, prose, as well as works by contemporary Brazilian artists. The books are made by cardboard collectors and other professionals who participate in the collective. Dulcinea’s fundamental point is sustainability, based on a strategy of income generation that consists in selling the books and passing it on to the collectors who made them the value of the sale, discounting the production costs”. There are several interesting books that came on this shipment. Please click on the icon below to gain access to the images of these books.

One can also find the information on how these books are created from the carton and other recyclables below.