Argentine Editorial Houses

Buenos Aires houses many of the very diverse editorial houses and publishers. There are several such publishers that are perhaps overlooked during the mainstream collection development of Latin American Studies. These houses stretch and challenge many of the societal norms by publishing the works of authors who in turn are trying to break the barriers to their expressions. Such barriers can be cultural-historical, political, social, ideological or even based on the economic realities of the time. Today, I write about the two of such publishing houses. The first is Santos Locos.

The self-description of this editorial house as follows, “Santos Locos no es la primera editorial y en rigor de verdad no será la última. Santos Locos surge con la idea de dejar atrás las ediciones de autor, la peregrinación de editorial en editorial y así volver a pensar en poesía como quien no puede dejar de leerla y más importante aún como quien no puede dejar de escribirla.” As a librarian without any ideological inclinations on what to buy, I did decide to purchase most of their recent publications. One of the first books that I began to read was by a Venezuelan poet-María Ruiz. The title of the her poetry book is Putas metamórficas. I purchased the new Argentine edition by Santos Locos.  I did not have access to the 2012 Caracas edition. For this anthology, the poetess won an award at the XVIII Bienal José Antonio Ramos Sucre, in Mención Poesía, category.

The second publishing house that comes to my mind is Nulú Bonsai Editora of Buenos Aires, and its new  3rd edition of Ioshua’s work-Todas las obras acabadas de Ioshua that was just released in March of 2018.  I hope that some of the purchases that I have made will add to our already strong LGBT collections.