Select new books from Mexico!

13 April 2018

The creativity of Mexican printmakers, the intellectual content of these books and the quality of publications that we receive from our regional vendors in Latin America continue to inspire me to be a better librarian for Doe Library’s Latin American collections. I see beauty, honor, history, heritage in these cultural narratives. I see hope for the future in these books. I hope that you can enjoy the album below of newly purchased books from Mexico. Please click on the icon of the album below to get access to the images. These images are of course used for educational purposes only. I also acknowledge the lack of quality in some of the photos.

There are several titles in this batch that merit special mention.

The Cartonera books like “Territorios Okupados” by Leopold Lambert will continue to enhance our recently launched efforts to collect the Cartonera Books.



One is a recent book dedicated to the archive of Guerra photographs. Its presentation took place on 1 March 2018.