New books from Argentina and Brazil

Both Argentina and Brazil continue as perpetual powerhouses of South American publishing and the cultural production. The sheer diversity of various print materials that both countries produce often is overwhelming and yet serves as an aspirational goal for any Latin American Studies librarian in the North American Setting. The questions of what to collect, when to collect? and What not to collect become an important barometer in the times of changing formats, budgetary realities, and other intervening factors. However, as a librarian, I focus on collecting in consultation with our faculty members and various students. Below are some photos of our recent purchases of the Argentine and Brazilian imprints. I look forward to getting your feedback about our collections of Latin American materials that are located in the Doe Library. I try to strike a balance between both the Humanities and Social Sciences related print items. Happy Holidays!

Please click on the images below to see the rest of the books.

The photos of the books from Brazil are located here.