Libro de Artista- Atlas Perú by F. Bryce

I have recently purchased an artists book that was published in Peru. While, as the librarian for the general collections, it is often beyond my budgetary means and pockets to purchase such books, however sometimes an exception needs to be made. Some books are so well made that they reflect not only the artistic aspirations of their creators but also their content makes represents the harmony of tensions that a particular society inherently hides. One such book is Atlas Perú by F. Bryce. The book will be offered to our colleagues in the Bancroft Library for the obvious custodial reasons and for preserving it for the posterity. As human beings, we are fragile and temporary so are our creations, but we must do everything to preserve the history of print culture. As a librarian for the Caribbean and Latin American Studies, who is a non-Latino, I take a great pride in work that I am doing to contribute to such preservation efforts. The pictures below are mine and are displayed for the fair academic purpose only. Here is a more information about the book itself.