New books from Ecuador

Ecuador represents a unique dilemma for many policymakers in the West that have tried sound alarms regarding its leftist approach to the ways of doing things. In an Economist article that was published on 19th of October, one can see that the virtue of Ecuador’s Leninism does not limit only to the ideological stances. Despite the weakening of the oil prices, the publishing industry continues to produce several interesting works on literature, social issues and other matters that are of interest to the academic librarians. In the selections of new books from Ecuador, I wanted to bring your attention to two new books that deal with the issues of Afro-Ecuadorians. One of them is by Dr. Diogenes Cuero, and its title is Las Huellas de la Carimba, and the other title is “Tributo a Adalberto Ortiz Quiñonez y a la poesía negra del Ecuador Orlando Tenorio Cuero.”

The rest of the books are displayed below for you to get an idea of the books from Ecuador that I would like to ideally collect. If you have any observations, comments, or recommendations, please feel free to contact me.