Emphasizing the diversity of print materials: Latin American Studies 101.

Dear Readers,

I have come to appreciate and celebrate the diversity that surrounds us. Today, I began to doubly appreciate my fortune that allows me to handle materials from such a diverse community of nations that cohabit in Latin America and the Caribbean. As I was reviewing my books, a person who was trained in the library related affairs of Eastern Europe and the Central Asia, began to realize how different yet similar are the nation states and their cultural productions in Latin American context. The communities that comprise them and produce an immense wealth of information. I take pride in my work and in a small contribution that I can make in preserving the memories of those who are sometimes unvoiced. Here are some recent purchases of books from Brazil, Cuba, and Uruguay. I hope that you will find these selections of use in your research, teaching and personal growth. Yours, Liladhar

Several new books from Cuba can be seen here. These include also several artists’ books that represent the creative urge of Cuban artists and printers. Two of these books are very important as not many libraries in the US have these. These are La Buena Pipa…and Leyendas afro-cubanas de matanzas.

The books from Uruguay can be seen below.


Select new books from Brazil: With the current events going on in Brazil, the books that we have selected also reflect some sort of complex reality that surrounds Brazil. The books are shown below for your information.