New books from Mexico (October 2017)

28 October 2017

As a librarian for Latin American Collections, I continue to emphasize on collecting the best of the Mexican imprints that are being published currently. Mexico remains the power-house in Latin America with enormous cultural production. While it is difficult to acquire all the books that are being published in the contemporary Mexico, I try to focus on the books that might be relevant to our campus teaching and research.
I do not claim perfection in my abilities to select as a new librarian for Latin American Collections on campus, and thus I will continue to seek guidance from our faculty. I believe in harmonious collaborative collection development that is geared towards creating a sustainable yet very strong collection of Mexican imprints at Berkeley. As a migrant from India, I remember the early days in LA where the migrants from all parts of Mexico adopted me in their families, helped me on my way to where I am currently. I am forever grateful to my friends and the fellow migrants to our country. Please take a moment to look at the current Mexican imprints that will be added to our ever-growing collection in the Doe Library. God bless the United States of America that fosters this diversity of publications and allows a migrant from India to work as a librarian for the Latin American and Caribbean Collections. I hope that you enjoy visit to our library, where I will be glad to show our Latin American Collections to you and share the joy of collecting, researching and teaching with you and your students.

There are several interesting books in this group including, Afroamérica III by Luz María Martínez Montiel, the prize winner, Lamentaciones de Don Jeremías by Enrique Olmos de Ita, and Fey Berman‘s Mexamérica.