Announcing the Library’s strategic plan

Strategic Plan cover

We live in a time of remarkable and rapid change in the information environment and in the nature of public support for higher education. While the fundamental purpose of the University Library has not changed, the portfolio of strategies for fulfilling that purpose must evolve to meet new circumstances and opportunities.

Today, we share with you the Library’s strategic plan. Over the past year, we have engaged the entire organization, faculty and students, and external advisors in an effort to rethink how the Library can better deliver upon our goal of connecting our world-class collections and services with Berkeley scholars and the broader community.

As outlined on our strategic plan website, we have defined our mission:

We help current and future users find, evaluate, use and create knowledge to better the world.

And our vision:

The University Library will be a leader and partner in creating and implementing ideas and services that advance research, teaching and learning.

We have identified four strategic directions:

  1. Improve how scholars access resources
  2. Help develop emerging areas of scholarship
  3. Grow as an adaptive learning organization
  4. Tell our story to build community and cultivate relationships

In addition to viewing the strategic plan website, you can read a one-page summary and download a printable PDF.

With this strategic plan, we are taking a new approach to our time-honored mission. Across our libraries, we will turn to the goals and values outlined here to develop our priorities and guide our decisions. We will better serve and enrich this great university — and the world beyond — in the exciting years ahead.

— Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, University Librarian