Who’s Afraid of the Nanny State? Freedom, Regulation, and Public Health

The journal Public Health recently published a set of articles on the so-called Nanny State that came out of a mini-symposium. Makes for interesting reading!

Here’s a list of the articles, they are all in Public Health, Volume 129, Issue 8 (August 2015):

  • Who’s afraid of the nanny state? Introduction to a symposium
  • Relational conceptions of paternalism: a way to rebut nanny-state accusations and evaluate public health interventions
  • Which nanny ? the state or industry? Wowsers, teetotallers and the fun police in public health advocacy
  • Informed choice and the nanny state: learning from the tobacco industry
  • Public health and the value of disobedience
  • Freedom and the state: nanny or nightwatchman?
  • Food reformulation and the (neo)-liberal state: new strategies for strengthening voluntary salt reduction programs in the UK and USA
  • Case studies in nanny state name-calling: what can we learn?
  • Of nannies and nudges: the current state of U.S. obesity policymaking
  • A balanced intervention ladder: promoting autonomy through public health action