Highlighting librarian and staff publications

Librarian and staff publications

Along with their work providing research assistance and building library collections, UCB librarians and staff often pursue their own scholarly research agendas. Below are just a handful of librarian and staff publications from 2015/2016, including extensive scholarship from staff of the Mark Twain Project, a case study on the adoption of the flipped instruction model in information literacy training from the Library’s Teaching & Learning Expertise Group, and much more!

Edwards, S. “Education Information” in E. Forte, C. Hartnett, and A. Sevetson (eds). Fundamentals of Government Information: Mining Finding, Evaluating and Using Government Resources. Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2016 (Forthcoming).

Education research in the U.S. is particularly challenging — it is both highly decentralized (think of the wide variety of government and statistical sources at the school, district, county and state levels) while also subject to extensive, and growing, federal oversight.


Emmelhainz, C. Altmetrics: Measuring your scholarly impact with tweets, posts, citations, and teaching scores. ANSS Currents, 31, no 1 (Spring 2016).

This short article reviews ways for librarians and researchers to increase and track exposure of their academic work online.


Emmelhainz, C. and Bukhtoyarova, D. “I Fell into Librarianship”: Experiences of Post-Soviet Librarians at the National Academic Library in Astana, Kazakhstan. Slavic & East European Information Resources, 17, no. 1-2 (2016).

This peer-reviewed article uses interviews and surveys to explore the experiences of Russian- and Kazakh-speaking librarians in Kazakhstan’s capital city.


Fischer, V. and Griffin, B.. “A Dialogue on the Autobiography.” In: Mark Twain and Youth, Mac Donnell, K. and Rasmussen, R.K. (eds). London: Bloomsbury Academic Press. 2016.

Two editors at the Mark Twain Project were invited to share their reflections on the theme of “Youth” in the Autobiography. When one of the editors found a subterranean inclination to revise the other’s statements, the essay was reborn in dialogue form. It forms part of a collection of essays on the theme of Youth in the life and works of MT.


Griffin, B. “Twins of Genius? — Not! On Twainquotes.org.

This article corrects a small but often-repeated statement — the misapprehension that Mark Twain and George Washington Cable, on their 1884-85 lecture tour, were billed as the “Twins of Genius.” They weren’t. The Twins of Genius were two other lecturers, five years later. The error would hardly be worth correcting had it not attained the status of a knee-jerk reaction among literature scholars to trot out the slogan “Twins of Genius” in connection with Mark Twain.


Griffin, B.,  Smith, H., Fischer, V., Frank, M., Gagel, A., Goetz, S., Myrick, L.D., and Ohge, C. (eds). Autobiography of Mark Twain, volume 3. Oakland: University of California Press. 2015.

The final volume of three, containing the first publication of the complete Autobiography of Mark Twain, edited from the manuscripts and typescripts in The Bancroft Library.


Griffin, B. “Infant Jesus and Young Satan: Mark Twain’s Apocrypha.” Forthcoming in Mark Twain Annual, 2016.

This essay explores Mark Twain’s use of the apocryphal New Testament, specifically the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. Mark Twain utilized this source most gainfully in the manuscript tale “The Chronicle of Young Satan,” in which this “gospel’s” arrogant, death-dealing Christ-child feeds Clemens’s fantasies of childhood, cosmology, and death.


Loo, J. L., Eifler, D., Smith, E., Pendse, L., He, J., Sholinbeck, M., Tanasse, G., Nelson, J. K., Dupuis, E. A. (2016). Flipped Instruction for Information Literacy: Five Instructional Cases of Academic Librarians. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 42(3), 273-280.

The article is also available via eScholarship at http://escholarship.org/uc/item/7m7177q0


Mitchell, E. Metadata Standards and Web Services in Libraries, Archives and Museums. Libraries Unlimited, 2015.

Mitchell, E. Library Linked Data: Early Activity and Development. Library Technology Reports, 52, no. 1 (January 2016).

Silva, J. and Orlando, L. “Energy and Environment Information” in E. Forte, C. Hartnett, and A. Sevetson (eds). Fundamentals of Government Information: Mining Finding, Evaluating and Using Government Resources. Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2016 (Forthcoming).

In the second edition of the leading library science textbook about government information, our chapter covers strategies on locating energy and environmental information produced by the United States and other governments.