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“Sorry, you do not have access to this article.”

Have you ever hit that annoying paywall? People unaffiliated with universities see messages like this all the time. Many academic articles are published in expensive scholarly journals paid for by academic libraries and they’re only available to currently enrolled students or faculty.

The UC Open Access Policy, passed by the Academic Senate in 2013, seeks to change that by ensuring that research articles authored by UC faculty are made available free of cost to the general public and researchers worldwide. Since implementation of the policy began at UC Berkeley in November 2015, more than a thousand articles by UC Berkeley authors have been posted to eScholarship.

A few of the articles that are now widely available:

For more on the UC Open Access Policy or to find out how you can post your articles in eScholarship, check out this video or write to the OA Implementation Team at oapolicy [at sign]

Margaret Phillips
Librarian, Social Sciences Division
Open Access Policy Implementation Team