Research Data Management (RDM)

Marjorie Katz - UC Merced

A new five-minute video from the University of California Libraries addresses the importance of research data management. Faculty across University of California campuses and domains share their perspectives on data management. Marjorie Katz, Vice Provost, Graduate Dean, and Professor of Sociology at UC Merced emphasizes the responsibility that researchers at public universities have to share and preserve their data. She says “we have a responsibility to manage the data such that other people get to use it afterwards.”

At UC Berkeley, the Research Data Management (RDM) program supports researchers in need of data management assistance. The program offers free, one-on-one consultations with data management experts and an online guide to data practices and services.

You can schedule an appointment with the RDM program at any stage in your research, whether you are writing a grant proposal, devising a data model, searching for someplace to store your data while your research is in progress, or looking for an appropriate repository for publication. Connect with the program by sending an email to

Post contributed by:
Jamie Wittenberg
Research Data Management Service Design Analyst