PubMed Alternative Search Interfaces

We all know that PubMed has a very powerful search engine. Sometimes, however, it would be nice to have alternative ways to dig into the National Library of Medicine’s database to perhaps uncover other useful research articles.

Enter PubMed PubReMiner. PubReMiner will query PubMed with your specific search query, get all abstracts and generate frequency tables for you. Let’s take a look at these.

The first table will show you journals in which your query is published the most. The second table will show you the authors which are most active in the field of your query. The third table will show you words that have been used most in the title and abstract of the articles, perhaps uncovering new search terms to try.

In addition to all this, MESH headers, country, and the publication year are displayed. Clicking on any of the elements will add them to your query, and will then run the search again in PubReMiner, making sure that your refined search still generates results. When you are satisfied with the query, you can jump to PubMed and view the results.

Next to building efficient queries, PubReMiner can also be helpful in other areas:
* Selecting a journal for your current work by scanning the most often used journals of similar research
* Finding experts in a research area by viewing the authors associated with your query
* Creating a realtime CV on the fly when you have gathered all your publications with their CV generator

PubMed PubReMiner was developed by Jan Koster at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam.

Intrigued by this? For more alternative interfaces, see PubMed Alternative Interfaces, a list maintained by HLWIKI International which is curated by a team of international health librarians.